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An Alex O'loughlin Stills community

An Alex O'loughlin Icontest!!!
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An Alex O'loughlin Icontest
Winner of Challenge TWENTY

Hi all, it's heartagram_lala and lovedracula, your co-mods here.

OLOUGHLINSTILLS is a stills icontest community focusng in the incredibly talented (AND HOT) Aussie actor Alex O'loughlin. He is best known for his role as Mick St John in Moonlight, but has many other amazing roles in the past, and upcoming roles.

Challenges will vary from picture challenges, to theme challenges, to tv show/movie challenges.

Created by: heartagram_lala and lovedracula
Mods: heartagram_lala and lovedracula
Credit for layout: mercscilla of street_of_mercy
Credit for header: mscam

basic rules:

1. Be civil to one another.
1a. This means no shipper wars, fighting over characters, etc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
2. You do not have to enter a challenge, only if you want to.
3. You need to be a member to enter, but not to vote.
4. Do not show your icon to anyone, or post it anywhere else, until after the winners are announced, or you will be disqualified.
5. All icons have to fit LJ limits. (100x100px and under 40kb)
6. Host your icon in a place that allows direct linking. ie, Photobucket.

how to enter:

1. Read ALL the challenge rules carefully, there may be specifications to one challenge that aren't there for another challenge.
2. Create NEW icons based on the challenge rules.
3. Enter your icon in a comment to the challenge entry, with the image and the url, like this:
one hot aussie
4. You may change your entries, add more, take some away, etc., as long as you do it before the deadline. Post your submissions in one comment - it's easier for us. If you change your icons, just delete the previous comment.
5. No Animation - Ever. This is a stills community after all.
6. A word of caution in choosing your images: Unless it is challenge-specific, we suggest that images used in icons are kept as PG-13 as possible :) As nice as naked Alex is, there might be young'uns about. Text can basically be whatever, though.

how to vote:

1. Do not vote for yourself or get others to vote for you. You may invite people over to vote, but DO NOT tell them which icons are yours.
2. There are 5 categories to win for:
+ First
+ Second
+ Third
+ Mod's choice
+ Special category, that will be specified in the challenge, for example best use of text, best crop, etc.

challenge schedule:

The challenge follows a 2-week schedule.
Challenges will be posted on MONDAY.
Challenges end on SUNDAY.
Voting will be posted on MONDAY, along with the next challenge.
Voting will end on THURSDAY.
If there are more then two icons tied for a place, there will be a tiebreaker vote on FRIDAY.
Winners announced and banners given out on FRIDAY or SATURDAY.



Want to help pimp our community? Just take a button and get on it!

picture sources:

If you're stuck for pictures of the amazing Alex, though how that could happen I don't know ;), check out one of these sites, and they'll probably have what you need!
Adoring Alex Gallery
Moonlight Detective Gallery